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Hi and welcome to Meteora's Website!

If you were looking to find out what Meteora is all about and how to join, you came to the right place!

The most important thing you should know is that we are a fun, helpful faction that enjoys all aspects of the game. Everyday you'll see faction BH runs and there are always people around asking if anyone needs a hand with anything they may need be it a boss, lower tier BH or just some info. If you needed a specific instance completed, ask in faction chat or check in with one of our officers in charge of organizing instance runs. It might not happen right then and there, but you'll definitely get it done if you ask!

We also take a lot of pride in being respectful/courteous to faction members, as well as the general population of PW....well, with a few exceptions of course :P

Requirements: So what is expected of Meteora Members? You mean besides a pint of blood weekly? We do have a few requirements, nothing too crazy though.

1. We are currently recruiting levels 90+ non rebirthed or any level rebirthed. We are looking for people to join on their main, active toon.

2. Be awesome. I know, this one is a doozy, but with enough hardwork and training, you can do it!

Blown away? Ready to join? Okay, let's do this! You have a few options to get in to Meteora. Quickest and easiest will be to world chat for a Meteora officer in game. Feel free to ask them any questions.

The alternative way to join would be to apply right from our website by clicking the Apply button in the top right corner of the main page. You'll then have to answer a few easy questions and one of our recruiters would then be in touch with you in game soon after, most likely the same day unless you filled it out super late.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you with a meteor over your head soon!

When you are registering for the website, if you do not already have a Shivtr account, please try to make your Shivtr ID name similar to your main character name. Also, don't forget to add your in-Meteora alts to the site after your application is accepted.
(Please do not add alts that are not in the Meteora faction to the character roster.)

If you already have a Shivtr account you wish to use, Log in with it before you click Apply.


  Meteora's Team 
Name Role Rank
Artaeria   Leader
Razire   Director
Bosk Marshal
CuddleBunny Marshal
Maraith Marshal
Rosenblood Marshal
Donnd Executor
Open Executor 
Niciro   Executor
PreciouStorm Executor
RiversElf Executor
SlikSilk Executor
SylenThunder Website Admin Executor
TashaStorm Executor
Urgit Executor 
Xtermanater   Executor
 Open   Executor

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