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Welcome to Meteora! 


This is a very simple rule. Please respect everyone. Everyone is equal. Not just our faction, but all members in PWI. The "Golden Rule" applies. Treat everyone in the same manner as you would like yourself to be treated.

Faction Support:

As a member of Meteora, we expect that you will want to support your faction and faction mates.  Examples of supporting the faction would include:

  • Assisting faction mates to improve by helping with Bounty Hunter instances, cultivation questions, Primal quests, Morai quests or any other quest that helps the faction mate to advance.  
  • Donating items or coin to the faction bank, which are used in faction programs to assist members in upgrading their gear and skills.
  • Participating in faction events.
  • Recruiting new members or identifying potential recruits to Officers.

Actively working against the faction will result in a leadership team review and discipline, up to and including removal from the faction. Examples of actively working against the faction would include:

  • Trash talking other players or factions in World Chat.
  • Scamming or cheating other players, both in and out of faction.
  • Recruiting for other factions from your Meteora character.
  • Any other behavior, that, in the opinion of the leadership team and faction members, could be considered to have a negative impact on the membership or reputation of Meteora.

If you are in doubt about what to do in a given situation, discuss it with an Officer (Executor, Marshal, Director, Leader). 

Chat Content:

Generally, since there are all member ages possible from 13 to 113 we like to keep faction chat rated between PG-13 and R. All subjects are welcome in faction chat, as long as the chat doesn't violate the Respect rule.  Faction chat should be limited to English. There will be no spamming, no overuse of caps lock, trash talking, offending, causing drama, marketing, begging for items or coins, etc. Basically, if someone becomes offended by something you say, and lets you know they are offended, discontinue the chat subject. We're here to play a game and have fun together -- no one should have to suffer distress at the hands of another player.

The faction chat channel shall not be used to slander, belittle, argue with, or disrespect anyone. All disputes shall be handled on a private basis. If you find it impossible to solve your issue among yourselves, bring it to the attention of an Officer (Executor, Marshal, Director, Leader).


Faction Recruitment:

Faction membership is open to all players willing to follow Meteora guidelines. All Officers have faction invite rights. Currently we are recruiting level 90+ or RB any level.

All new members will be expected to register on the web site and to have read and agreed to these Guidelines.


Characters must remain active to stay in faction. We have a faction base, and all members should try to support it by doing base quests.

After you join Meteora, you will be given a join date as your title. After you have earned your first 2500 merit, you will be eligible for a title of your choice. If you need assistance in learning how to do base quests, please ask in faction chat or contact an officer. 

If you know you will be away from game, please contact an officer, leave a message on the Meteora facebook page or post in the Away thread on the web site. Members who have not logged in within 3 months, without contacting an officer or leaving a post, will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and potentially removed from faction.

Leaving faction:

We understand if you decide to take a look somewhere else but we do not want to be treated as if we have a revolving door. If you decide to leave faction, please speak with an officer giving a reason or it will affect the decision to allow you back in if you want to return to us in the future.

Alternative Character Rules:

Everyone is allowed alternate characters in faction if they have earned 2500 merit and as faction capacity allows. Members must remain active on their main characters (following activity guidelines) to keep their alts in faction. Members may designate which character in faction should be tracked as a 'main' since this may not be static.  


General guidelines:

Instance runs -- Everyone in the party is responsible for understanding what the drop rules are, as well as informing new squad members or replacements. MAKE SURE drop distribution, coin splits and item splits are understood clearly BEFORE the run starts!

Do not interfere with other players'/factions' events

Do not berate or defame factions or individuals over World Chat. Present an image of honor, not shame.

Do not attempt to steal players from other factions, or attempt to cause discontent among players in other factions(and obviously in our own).

Do not abandon a squad without a good explanation presented prior to departure. The squad leader must agree.

Do not engage in dishonest trade transactions.